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Soaking in a Morgan spa can be uniquely soothing and relaxing, but the hot water environment provides some unique problems along with the benefits. Before adding water to your spa, carefully read this guide and your owner's operating manual. Keeping these guidelines in mind will help you safely enjoy your hot water experience.

Also keep in mind the fact that a spa requires special chemical treatment considerations. From a bather load standpoint, 5 people in a 500 gallon spa are equivalent to 219 people in a 20,000 gallon pool. The average person will perspire nearly 3 pints per hour in water heated at 102o F. Aeration and heat will also result in fairly rapid evaporation and concentration of dissolved solids. So be sure to use only Morgan Spa Maintenance Products specially formulated for your spa.



People with a medical history of heart disease, circulatory problems, diabetes or blood pressure problems and pregnant women should check with a physician before using a spa.

People who are taking medications that might cause drowsiness, such as tranquilizers, narcotics, antihistamines or anticoagulants, should not use a spa without first consulting a physician. Soaking in hot water could lead to sleep or unconsciousness and possibly result in drowning.

Never use a spa alone. Do not allow children to use the spa without supervision.

An anti-vortex drain cover, designed to prevent entrapment of long hair or body parts, is used in your Morgan Spa Do not remove this cover.

Tape a list of emergency numbers to your telephone. Include local emergency, medical personnel or fire department and your own address so a non-family member could easily direct emergency personnel to your home if necessary.

Post a sign near your spa outlining the steps for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. 


Read labels carefully before using Morgan chemicals.

Keep all Spa Maintenance Products out of the reach of children.

In addition, store dry chemicals separated from liquid spa chemicals. Do not store chemicals in spa equipment or electrical areas. Read label directions for any additional storage information.

Always add chemicals to water to dilute. Never add water to chemicals.

Do not mix chemicals with each other before adding to the water. Add chemicals to the spa water separately and allow several minutes between additions. Use the pump, jets and blower to help dissolve chemicals.

Do not smoke around chemicals. Avoid direct skin contact with chemicals.

Use only clean utensils to handle chemicals and use a separate utensil for each chemical.

Liquid chemicals may be added directly to the spa water by pouring slowly just above the water level to avoid splashing.

Allow at least 30 minutes for all chemicals to dissolve and disperse and then retest your spa water before using.


Your Morgan spa may be equipped with the Morgan Ozonator System.  The Ozone Generator will automatically introduce ozone into the spa to help keep the water and spa sparkling clean. Enclosed with every Morgan spa equipped with the Ozone Generator is a complete spa ozonator owner's guide which should be referred to before the spa is put into operation. The owner's guide contains information on ozonator operation including water chemistry start-up, water chemistry after start-up, spa maintenance with ozone and troubleshooting and safety directions. It is critical that these directions be followed in order to ensure safe and effective operation of an ozonator equipped Morgan spa.


Start up procedures will depend upon the spa size, the water supply, the heater type and the water temperature desired. Be sure to consult your owner's manual.

Before filling your Morgan spa for the first time, clean the surface with Morgan All Purpose Cleaner.  Then use 2 thin coats of Morgan Quik Gloss After filling your spa, test the pH and total alkalinity with Quik Dip test strips.

First add Morgan Metal Protector and Stain Preventer then adjust pH and total alkalinity.

Add Morgan Shock Out.

Frequent applications of Morgan Clear & Bright will be necessary to keep the water clear in the early weeks of operation.

Your filter should be operated continuously during start up until the water is clear. After the first 8 hours of operation, clean the filter thoroughly. Check and clean your filter regularly for the first 30 days and at least once a month thereafter. Consult your owner's manual for the specifics on your spa.

EACH DAY run the spa in accordance with instructions provided in Owner's Manual.

BEFORE EACH USE add 1 tablespoon of Morgan Shock Out to spa per 500 gallons.

ONCE A WEEK add 3 tablespoons of Morgan Shock Out per 500 gallons. Check and adjust pH and total alkalinity.

EVERY 4 MONTHS drain, clean and refill your spa. Replace the Spa Frog Water Purifier located in center core of your spa filter cartridge. Repeat Purifier start up.

AS NEEDED, if the water looks hazy, shock with 3 tablespoons of Morgan Shock Out per 500 gallons.

The use of an ozone generator with the Spa Frog Water Purifier may substantially reduce the need for supplemental chemical treatments.


Water that is too hot can raise the body temperature high enough to cause heat stroke. This can be fatal, even to healthy adults. Special caution is in order for young children since their body temperature rises faster than adults and their bodies cannot absorb much heat. In addition, pregnant women should not use the spa. Prolonged soaks at high enough temperatures may raise the core body temperature high enough to risk birth defects, particularly during the first three months of pregnancy.

Always keep a Morgan Thermometer in you spa water and check the thermometer before bathers enter the water. The water should not be warmer than 100o-104o F. A temperature of 100oF is considered safe for healthy adults.

At higher temperatures you should use the spa for shorter time periods. For example, at 102oF you should use the spa for no more than 20 minutes at a time. Experiment with different water temperatures between 98oF and 102oF to find the temperature that you prefer.

Heat loss is a costly problem in spas. Your Morgan Spa Cover will greatly reduce heat loss and also will prevent dust and dirt from getting into the water and will assist you in keeping the water clean. A Morgan Spa Cover is a good safety feature that will prevent children and pets from falling into the spa. A spa security strap is also recommended and is available from your Morgan store.


Operate your filtration system a minimum of eight hours per day. After the first couple of weeks, the amount of filtration time will depend on the size of your spa, pump and filter, weather conditions and the bather load. If the water does not remain clear, try increasing the length of filtration time. Always turn your pump on low speed and allow the water to recirculate once or twice before you use your spa.

The purpose of filtration is to trap and remove larger particles of debris. These particles are not entirely removed from your water system until the cartridge is removed and thoroughly cleaned. Your filter canister and filter should be cleaned at least once every 30 days using Morgan Rapid Filter Rinse (RFR).

Keep a spare filter cartridge on hand to make it easy to frequently clean the cartridge without the need to shut down your spa. Replace the cartridge when the pleats begin to deteriorate.

To clean, remove the cartridge filter element from the filter casing. Rinse off loose material on the element. Thoroughly saturate filter element with water and then spray Morgan RFR cleaner over the total surface of the filter. Let it set for three to six minutes. Then rinse element thoroughly with hose (if filter element is not completely rinsed, foaming may occur in your spa). Heavily soiled filter elements may need a second cleaning. The cleaning procedure should remove the scale, minerals, dead algae, body oils and other debris from the filter element.

When the spa is filled or refilled Morgan Clear & Bright should be added. Morgan Clear & Bright may also be used regularly to help the filter clean the water.


It is important to test your water frequently with quality test strips from your Morgan store. pH level should be monitored on a daily basis, while total alkalinity should be tested on a weekly basis.

IMPORTANT: Use Quik Dip Test Strips for testing pH and total alkalinity. 


People with skin, ear or other body infections, sores or wounds, should not use a spa because of the possibility of spreading an infection. Water that is not properly disinfected can be an ideal breading ground for some bacteria and other micro organisms which cause infection. Hot, moist skin is more easily infected.

All bathers should shower with soap and hot water before entering a spa to wash away some common skin bacteria. Showering will also remove perspiration, lotions and deodorants. If these types of substances are allowed to enter the spa water, they will reduce the effectiveness of the disinfectant and the efficiency of the filter. Oils can be removed from the spa water by using a material oil collection device, Sandy the Seahorse, and Morgan Scum Out for Spas.

Sanitization is the process of destroying organisms that are harmful to people. Your Spa Frog Water Purifier will sanitize when used in conjunction with Morgan Shock Out See your owner's manual for complete details. 


Oxidation is the process of chemically removing organic residues such as body oil, suntan lotion and perspiration from water. Oxidation is a supplement to filtration. Filters remove the dirt and debris suspended in the water, but no filter can remove dissolved impurities that are not physically separate from the water. These impurities contain proteins that can give an unpleasant smell to the water.

If your water look dull or hazy, even though the filter system is operating properly, you should shock your water to oxidize the dissolved organic impurities and restore the clarity of the water. Also shock your spa water following any period of heavy or extended use. Ordinarily you should shock your spa water once a week. Shocking should be accomplished with Morgan Shock Out, a compound containing no chlorine.


Calcium carbonate is the least soluble mineral commonly found in water and therefore is the one that becomes under or over saturated. Calcium carbonate is even less soluble in hot water. Water is considered balanced when it has neither a tendency to corrode nor to scale.

pH affects the total alkalinity of water. Since total alkalinity affects calcium carbonate saturation, maintaining proper pH is very important. A low pH can cause corrosive damage to pipes, filters and pumps and a high pH can reduce the effectiveness of sanitizers and encourage the growth of bacteria and algae. Your spa water pH level can be tested with the test strips in your Morgan Kit..

pH can be raised by adding Morgan pH Up. Adding Morgan pH Down lowers the pH. Spa water pH should be maintained between 7.2 and 7.6, with an ideal pH reading being 7.4. To maintain the correct range of pH when you put in fresh water, add 1 quart of Morgan Spa Perfect. Morgan Stain and Scale Defense may be needed prior to the addition of Morgan Spa Perfect to prevent cloudiness.

A proper level of calcium hardness is required to allow the water to be balanced. Like pH and alkalinity, calcium hardness affects the tendency of water to be corrosive or scale forming. The acceptable maximum calcium hardness level will depend on the amount of total alkalinity needed for pH buffering. The normal range for calcium hardness in spas is 100-200 ppm. to increase calcium hardness add Morgan Liquid Hardness Increaser. To prevent calcium from coming out of solution (milky, cloudy water) add Morgan Stain and Scale Defense.

Total Alkalinity is a measure of your spa water's ability to resist a change in pH. If total alkalinity is too low, pH will jump around and eventually tend to drop below 7.2. The total alkalinity range should be between 90 and 150 ppm. Your total alkalinity level may also be tested with the test strips. Alkalinity levels can be brought up to the proper range by using Morgan Alkalinity Increaser. The amount of Morgan Alkalinity Increaser required depends greatly on local water conditions. Certain localities will require more regular use of this product than others in order to maintain proper alkalinity levels. To lower total alkalinity, use Morgan pH Down.


Circulation of spa water combined with oils, lotions and soap residues of bathers may cause foaming. In addition, soft water has a tendency to foam. High quality Morgan Foam Gone will eliminate foam quickly when it develops.Morgan Foam Gone may be added daily to prevent the formation of foam.

Spa water that has not been drained in the past month or two may foam as a result of oversaturation. Draining, cleaning and refilling the spa is the only cure for this type of foam.


The addition of spa fragrance may enhance your spa experience. If you select a fragrance, be sure to use a fragrance from Morgan. These do not contain a high oil base concentrate to prevent possible damage to your spa surface.


Your spa should be drained, cleaned and refilled with fresh water every 90 to 120 days depending on how often the spa is used.

To clean your spa, drain it and scrub it with Morgan All Purpose Cleaner. Sanitize the housing for your cartridge with the same solution.

After the spa is dry, apply 2 thin coats of Morgan Quik Gloss to restore luster to the finish. Rinse your cartridges with a high pressure nozzle and a garden hose and spray with Morgan Rapid Filter Rinse. Thoroughly rinse the cartridge.

Many stains around drains and inlets have to be cleaned by hand, but they can be kept from returning. Sequestering agents increase the ability of water to hold minerals and metals in solution instead of precipitating out to form stains or scale. Use Morgan Metal Protector and Stain Preventer each time the spa is filled with fresh water.

Clean and protect your spa cover every 30 days using Morgan Cover Treat. Avoid using petroleum based cleaners on your spa cover.



Quickly eliminates foam in the water. Concentrated, acts up to twice as fast as other brands.


This coagulant collects tiny particles of dust and debris in the water and carries them to the spa filter. Produces clear, sparkling water.


Meant for acrylic surfaces that are already greasy or dirty. Has nonabrasive degreaser with pump spray. It's a great all-around cleaner which can be sued on many household surfaces as well.


Easy to apply. Gives a hard, glistening wax finish. Your spa will gleam.


This product is a must to protect, clean and condition spa covers, especially for spas installed out-of-doors.


Spa filters must be cleaned on a regular basis for optimal clear water. Morgan RFR cleans and refreshes filters.


When dirty, cloudy water appears after bather use, Morgan Shock Out will quickly restore clear water by eliminating organic waste in the water. Should be used immediately after any heavy bather activity. Can be used with sanitation systems and the Morgan Nature2 Purifier.


Easy to use pH Up raised the pH of your water. Helps eliminate eye irritation, chlorine odor and corrosion caused by low pH.


Easy to use pH Down decreases the pH of your spa water. Helps prevent staining and scaling.


Prevents pH drift. After proper pH and total alkalinity have been set, keeps pH there without fluctuation.


Metal Protector is an absolute must for spa water maintenance. To be added at the time of a fresh water fill, it helps prevent spotting and staining as well as scale build-up of all kinds. Also controls iron and other metals and minerals which are normally present in most local water systems. Should be added to the spa on a regular basis per label directions.


Prevents calcium buildup on spa surfaces, and inhibits scale and staining. Should be added to the spa on a regular basis per label instructions.


This product increases the alkalinity of your spa water. Morgan Alkalinity Increaser helps prevent your pH from fluctuating.


These test strips will test for bromine (no need to test for bromine with Morgan Nature2 Spa Purifier), pH level and alkalinity.


These strips will test for chlorine (no need to test for chlorine with Morgan Nature2 Spa Purifier), pH level and alkalinity.


Raises the calcium hardness of spa water.


Reduces oils in spa water and prevents a "bathtub ring".


Cloudy Water Inadequate filtration/dirty filter Check to make sure the filter is running properly. Clean filter with Morgan RFR
Excessive oils/organic matter Shock the spa with Morgan Shock Out and Morgan Scum Out for Spas

Improper sanitation

Shock your spa with Morgan Shock Out. Replace Morgan Nature2 Purifier if older than 4 months. Be sure to follow the Nature2 recipe
High pH and/or high alkalinity Adjust pH using Morgan pH Down
Suspended particles/organic matter Use Morgan Shock Out
High total dissolved solids (TDS) Depending on the severity, drain the spa to half and refill or drain the spa completely, clean and refill
Overused or old water Drain the spa, clean and refill
Precipitated calcium Use Morgan Metal Protector and Morgan Stain and Scale Defense
Water Odor Excessive organics/too many chloramines-insufficient free available chlorine Shock the spa with Morgan Shock Out
Improper sanitation Shock with Morgan Shock Out. Replace Morgan Nature2  Purifier if older than 4 months. Be sure to follow the Nature2 recipe
Inadequate filtration Check to make sure the filter is running properly. Clean with Morgan RFR
Low pH Raise pH with Morgan pH Up
Musty Odor Bacterial or algae growth Shock the spa with Morgan Shock Out. If problem persists, drain, clean, refill and balance spa.

If using Nature2, shock with a chlorine shock.

Eye Irritation Low pH Raise pH with Morgan pH Up
Insufficient free available chlorine Shock with Morgan Shock Out
Foaming Build up of body oils, lotion chemicals and detergents Add Morgan Foam Gone or drain and refill
Over-used or old water Drain and refill
Excessive organics Shock with Morgan Shock Out
Organic Buildup Body oils and dirt Depending upon severity, drain spa, sue Morgan All Surface Cleaner to remove the scum, refill spa and adjust water. Add Morgan Scum Out for Spas and Scum Bug or Sandy the Seahorse
Inadequate Filtration Check to make sure the filter is running properly. Clean filter with Morgan RFR, To clean the scum, drain spa, use Morgan All Surface Cleaner to remove scum, refill and adjust water
Algae High pH Shock with Morgan Shock Out. Add Morgan pH Down
Insufficient oxidation Shock with Morgan Shock Out
Skin Irritation Unsanitary/polluted water Shock with Morgan Shock Out. Replace Morgan Nature2 Purifier if older than 4 months. Be sure to follow the Nature2 recipe.
Soaking too long Soak for shorter intervals, such as 15 minutes
Water temperature too high Reduce water temperature
Stains Bacterial or algae growth Adjust pH with Morgan pH Up and adjust alkalinity using Morgan Alkalinity Increaser. Use Morgan Metal Protector
High iron or copper in water source Use Morgan Metal Protector. Adjust water
Scale Too much calcium dissolved in water. pH and total alkalinity too high Use Morgan Metal Protector. Adjust alkalinity using Morgan pH Down. With concentrated scale deposits, drain the spa, scrub the scale off, refill the spa and balance the water

If you should encounter any water problems, call our water problem hotline. This is a free Call. Call 1-800-446-3107 and ask for the "Morgan Chemical Representative".

Morgan Corporate Offices: P.O. Box 660280, Dallas, TX 75266-0280


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